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Update [May. 14th, 2007|01:07 pm]
The Victorious Community



Hullo!  As some of you may know, various issues took me away from the internets for a while.  But I left my world in very good hands, and I'm happy to say that the staff has done a wonderful job of thinking up some really twisty, doom-filled plots.   So many, in fact, that I've been having trouble keeping track of them myself...  After a winter of hibernation, I'm sure you're all ready for things to pick back up for summer.  So are we! Keep an eye on the clippings and staff solos, they have some..interesting  things in store for you. Ah yes, the Newspaper clippings.  Anyone who visits London Calling may noticed that the posts have been compressed into larger posts by season.  They can seem like an intimidating read, to be sure, but I would encourage players to visit sometime and read through.  Not only are certain clues in there dating quite a way back, but they contain some excellent writing done by the staff and even (one or two) volunteer players.


Some fantastic character work and a very tender and sad scene overall.  Most of you have read this already, but give it a look.  There's Plot, as well as entertainment value.

One of the game's most socially...in-adept character goes...on a date?

Anotehr hallmark of t'Vic...character getting in far over their heads, with no idea what they're about.  A deal is stuck and a bargain is made....well, not much of a bargain, but...

If any players haven't taken a look at the wiki in a while, examine it now!  It's grown a bit and amazingly, new content is being added all the time.  For your convenience, a few links have been added to the sidebar to help you get your character page started. The Staff appreciates every bit of help form all of you in keeping plot and storyline pages updates. The word you need for editing the wiki is, of course, the name of the City itself.  Those of you who haven't gotten around to making a character page, take a few minutes and set something up!  There are several character pages done, but a few that aren't done yet, either.  Ask any of the staff if you're having trouble figuring out how to do links and things like that...it's generally pretty simple.  Just put links to other characters in [brackets].

A few people have asked in chat if the Fractured and the Baroque are going to get wikis.  The answer is that both of then already *do* have wikis, but that said wikis are still under construction and have not yet been unveiled.  When they are, however, all of you will have two new time periods to explore.

Brought to you by Miss Olivia Harte.
Haven't you ever had a secret? Something precious that was yours alone, and not anyone else's? Would you want others to just come along and demand those things from you? Of course not! Imagine your own private business being interrupted by unwanted interlopers or nosy newsies. Not fun at all! That's why people should mind their own business and not interfere with others. Next time you decide to question someone, think about it and imagine if you were in their place. They probably have a good excuse for sneaking out in the middle of the night, or skipping out on helping with errands. Really they do! They just need to think of it. Remember, privacy is a blessing. Please, think twice before taking someone else's away.

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