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t'flic cast lists??? [May. 21st, 2007|02:31 am]
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ok so may demanded that i post the full "real" cast list for the baroque, and so i figured i would just post all the "casting" work that was done as a product of z and me and vodka and my kitchen floor a few months ago. please keep in mind that these are rather random and arbitrary and some of these characters are essentially "extras" who we just wanted to throw in the actor/person for whatever reason. these in no way reflect the views of this network!:

the vic....the crappy film, starring:

Angelina Jolie - CM
Orlando Bloom - Oriel
Jessica Alba - Violette La Roux
Kate Beckensale - Zinnia
Jake Gyllenhaal - Lindsey
Heath Ledger - Whitney
Dakota Fanning - Elsie
Clive Owen - Valentine
Rufus Sewell - Edward the Confessor
Joseph Fiennes - Aubrey
Anthony Hopkins - Galen
Lelee Sobieski/Scarlett Johanssen - Renate
Reese Witherspoon - Jane
Johnny Lee Miller - Jason
Neil Patrick Harris - Henry

the baroque crappy film, starring:

Brian Austin Green - Montagu
Clive Owen - Charlie 2 (except that there is nothing crappy about clive owen! only ZOMG-worthy!!!)
Sam Neill/Tim Robbins - Claypole
Bruce Campbell - Arch
John Malkovich - King Looie
Kate Beckinsale/Kiera Knightly - Madlan
Christopher Walken - Sir Isaac
Gwyneth Paltrow - Deborah
Anthony Hopkins - Sir Christopher

the fractured crappy film, starring...

Keanu Reeves - Maddox
Devon Aoki - Boo
Leonardo DiCaprio - Roy G. Biv
Fairuza Balk - Payne

the "real" vic cast list:

Alan Cumming - Valentine
Ioan Gruffedd - Whitney
Cate Blanchett - CM
Cameron Diaz - Zinnia
Tobey Maguire - Jason
Ron Livingston - Lindsey
Leanne Rowe - Renate
Terrence Stamp - Galen
Helen Mirren - Althea
Hugh Jackman - Lord Wrackton
Ginnifer Goodwin - Lily
Catherine O'Hara - Margaret
Alan Tudyk - Redjack
Dame Judy Dench - Queen Victoria
Emily Watson - Hetty (Brand's servant)
Miriam Margolyes - Mrs. Gambol

the "real" baroque cast list:

Ian Holm or Michael Caine - Claypole
Paul Giamatti - Goring
Monica Belucci - Francesca
Samantha Morton - Maddy
Sean Bean - Arch
Ralph Fiennes or KIEFFER or Crispin Glover - Kürten
John Malkovich - Charlie 2
Edgar Ramirez (looks right) - Giancarlo
Bill Nighy or Willem Dafoe (but probably Bill Nighy)- Hooke
Tom Hollander - Leibniz
Tom Waits - Jemmy the Mute
Derek Jacobi - Pepys
Natalia Tena - Doña Isela
Uma Thurman - Deborah
Geoffrey Rush - Sir Christopher
Christopher Eccelston - Monmouth

the "real" fractured cast list:

Robert Downey Jr. - Roy G. Biv
Johnny Depp - random revolutionary guy
Ian McKellen - the General
Joaquín Phoenix - the prince
Bono - the criminal from whom Sam's band gets the van
Ryan Gosling - Stan
Ewan MacGregor - thief-taker mentor to Payne
Charlie Hunman - Matt
Patricia Clarkson - Nika's mom

[User Picture]From: shoepixie
2007-05-21 11:54 pm (UTC)
*Tobey Maguire*?

Ugh, how drunk *were* we?
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[User Picture]From: toxic_fairie
2007-05-22 12:52 am (UTC)
i seem to recall some weird conversation about how tobey maguire doesn't always suck or something. i'm not exactly sure where some of those came from in general. haha YAY VODKA
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