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For Everyone who's Anyone... [May. 21st, 2007|02:42 am]
The Victorious Community


The Garden Party Thread is now open! 


Most of Hyde Park, on this Tuesday, had been closed off to the public...or at least, it had been closed off to those members of the public who were not of sufficient social standing to attend the grand late-spring Charity Picnic for All Hallows Hospice, hosted by Sir and Lady William Wembley, for Shulster and Sons, and Her Majesty's Academy of Modern Science and Medicine.

A large section of the park, connecting to the large garden of the Wembley's equally large estate, had been cordoned off by mean of stringing polished steel chains, decorated with silken ribbons and white flowers, between the trees that ringed the park grounds. Only the two ends remained open, guarded by hired members of the East India Constabulary, resplendent in their immaculate scarlet uniforms. One end opened directly into the Wembley's gardens, decorated in a fashion matching that of Hyde Park.

Carriages and conveyances of all different types crowded the other end, dropping off the well-to-do members of London Society, as well as a mixture of more...middle class sorts, all there to participate equally in the celebration of the season. Tents and booths dotted the grass, containing a number of representatives and teachers from the Academy, lecturing on the latest developments in the exciting new fields they specialized in, or demonstrating wondrous new inventions and devices.

Soft music from a petite orchestra in the central pavilion wafted through the park, and black-clad servants bustled about, setting up white-clothed tables and silver platters of food. Children dressed in their finest clothes chased each other gleefully around and among the servants' legs, pausing occasionally to peer open-mouthed at the airship-shaped balloons that decorated everything.