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Weekly - August [Aug. 10th, 2007|03:01 am]
The Victorious Community


Congratulations to our Top Posters! The players with the most posts (playing currently living/active characters) are Wilkie with 110, and Lady Wrackton with 109. Close behind are Mum, Livi, and Oriel with 107, 95, and 86, respctively. Good luch to Livi and Oriel getting to Paddington Station when they make 100 posts! Valentine is actually at the top with 113 posts, but he had to ruin it by going and dying on us.

Welcome to new players Tim Andrey, Rose Brady and Amelia Callahan! We're very glad to have both of them, and they've both shown themselves to be fantastic players. We also have recently welcomed a new player for Violette LaRoux. Please make them all feel at home.

Also, there's a new charater profile up - a nun! Register your vote by messaging me at aim: tatterjack.

Some new threads for you to read!
FOLLY: Lily, Redjack Ryan and Liz are at the docks, Summoning the Dockwitch. What folly! Elsewhere in London, someone else is seeking her...and sending their minions out after the three.

PERIL: Late in the night, two children go seeking excitement. However, they find something far darker...and infinitely more dangerous than just any alleyway adventure.

MURDER: Lucy, who seems a fair and delightful young lady to all who meet her, is seeking someone. Wilkie follows herl...and witnesses...

SORCERY: Margaret Garnier has agreed to perform acts unspeakable and profane. Will her magic fail, succeed...or will she accomplish more than she bargaine for?

As some of you have noticed, Group Scenes are now played in IRC. It allows somewhat longer posts, and is a bit more stable than the average aim chatroom. There is, of course, a room for Vic chatting, on 'uk.quakenet.org', It's on channel '#vicchat'.

Here it is a simple irc client for windows. http://www.mirc.com/
Here is an irc client for macs. http://colloquy.info/
Also, trillian, for those players that use it, handles IRC perfectly well. Just ask a trillian user to explain things to you! If you turn on the irc plugin, it shoud have spaces for all the relevant information.

As some of you may've noticed, in London Calling there is a new pinned post - called Talk. Instead of only newspaper clippings from London's various papers, we now have bits of overheard gossip from London's residents. And yes, just like the Clippings there will be bits of plot (and even Plot!) within...so read o'er carefully with a magnifying glass!


(From the Weekly Journal)

Chinatown claimed another Englishman today when mud-larks found the body of Randolph Davies. Davies, 34, was a shipping clerk with the East India Company and father of two. Ordinarily, libel law would preclude disclosure of the cause of death but in the late Mr. Davies' case, it was all too clear.
The broken stem of an opium-pipe was found lodge in his gullet, with his jaws locked too tight for anyone other than himself to have placed it therein. Further, even wet, his jacket, trousers and neck-tie were nearly suffused with opium-residue according to a source in the Bow Street Runners. The Runners are treating this as a serious matter, but have not revealed who is to be charged, or even what charges will be filed in the event of an arrest.
Mr. Davies is the fifth Englishman this year to have died from opium-related causes that was not ruled a suicide or an "accidental drowning." Perhaps now the Crown will finally recognize the dangers of the Heathen Chinee and take appropriate action.

(from the Times)

Almost a month after the mysterious explosion that devastated Miller's Court, Scotland yard has made little progress. Despite reports of shadowy figures running from the scene moments before, none have been apprehended for this vile deed, and in fact, there is grave doubt that these figures were more than the wishful thinking of helpful neighbours. As a result of this lack of progress, the East India Company have petitioned to be allowed to investigate, claiming that their specialists may be able to succeed where Scotland Yard have failed. This request is currently being considered, although it did prompt Scotland Yard to release further information. It appears that an unusual type of explosive was used, and that this is hampering progress. This explosive, which can only be made using certain extremely difficult techniques, uses an exotic substance, previously only seen in the handiwork of Partie d'Unitie. Scotland Yard is apparently questioning a former member of this party, currently being held at Her Majesty's pleasure in Newgate Prison, on unrelated charges.

(A notice up about town and in the Wax Hand)

It has come to our attention that the METROPOLITAN RAILWAY is in urgent need of ADDITIONAL WORKERS to aid it in essential repairs, caused by circumstances beyond their control. Consequently, they have declared this UNRIVALLED opportunity for any and all able-bodied men seeking EMPLOYMENT. While experience is desirable, even the unskilled have their part to play. Pay is at a very satisfactory level, and as an additional INCENTIVE, serving as an indicator of how gravely this situation is regarded, there will be a BONUS for each worker after a mere FORTNIGHT's work. Those EAGER to take advantage of the Metropolitan Railway's GENEROUS offer, should make their enquiries at 45C Stepney High Street at their earliest convenience.

This week provided by Tim Andrey

Blackmail? Such a dirty word, and so unjustifiably maligned. Sometimes one is in a position to perform a favour for someone, in exchange for which they will agree to do something that they would not otherwise do. This is a perfectly normal transaction, surely? Perhaps you have caught wind of a scandalous peccadillo or two, and you intend to pass this information on to the relevant people, which would, of course, be the correct thing to do. Of course, the individual concerned may well prefer that this information not come to light, and may attempt to persuade you that they are in the right. In order that you may be better disposed toward them, and thus more inclined to hear them, they may well offer something to you – further information, objects of mutually agreed worth or services of some kind. Again, these are perfectly normal and acceptable. Having received these, surely you will be persuaded to err in their favour and thus forget to mention their peccadillo. For a time at least.
Now, there may still be those who are dubious as to the acceptability of this practice, and so I turn to the example provided by a recent client of mine. Assume, if you will, that you have a daughter of marriageable age, but who is pursued by an unworthy suitor. If this suitor is unwilling to desist, it may become necessary to observe that you had heard, for example, that their gambling debts are unlikely to be paid in the near future, and that their creditors would be unlikely to look kindly on this. It would, of course, be your civic duty to mention this to the creditors in question, but perhaps you could be persuaded to overlook this for the moment. After all, by the time you next remember it, undoubtedly the suitor will have found the means to pay his creditors. Perhaps he needs more time, time that he would have, no doubt, were he not pursuing an engagement with a certain young lady.
As you can see, it has its place.