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Weekly (Autumn) [Sep. 25th, 2007|01:51 am]
The Victorious Community


As most of you know, Autumn is an exciting time around t'Vic, and we like to stave off the Winter Hibernation as long as possible by having something extra exciting for All Hallows Eve. However, I need hardly remind all my players (yes, even you...) that the Staff, wonderful as they are, can't keep the board going without you.  Stories won't move unless people post!  So don't be afraid to start threads, or to jump into them.  In fact, try to get into something new every week or so!  You may not be able to post every day, but be involved in something, at least.   Rest assured the the staff and myself are working to come up with something to affect every single character on the board.  And yes, this year there will be something affecting all of London, as well!  So check often, and read Clippings and Talk for more information.  Dig deep, so that you won't be taken *completely* by surprise.

As you know, we already have Clippings (news articles) and Talk (rumours about the town), and I'm very happy with the way Talk has been working out.  There has been a third Information category proposed, called something like Going's On...that is, myself dirsctly providing players with certain things like local happenings, closings, catastrophes, and such in a more direct fashion than the other two.However, there will still be a LOT of information given in Clippings and Talk, so read over them arefully!  I'll be taking a sounding from players, so please either pm or email The Monarch to let us know what you think of this idea!

At any rate, players will notice that the spate of mysterious going's on in Whitechapel and the Docklands continues, as always...and that a there is a new mystery surrounding the trains systems. Also, there's a circus come to town, a smallish family affiair owned by the Brothers Farraday.

Welcome to new player Sister Drusilla!  The player is eager to work out the kinks in her very Interesting character, and eager as well to find some interesting plot for the Sister to barge her way into.  Please feel free to contact her player with ideas for plots, and make her feel welcome.

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new Staff Member helping out on The Victorious!  We're very excited to welcome 'camphor' to the staff team, and look forward to his input and writing in the future.  As far as staff duties, Camphor will be managing Clippings and other things out in the print media of London, so if you have a submission or a question about what your characters may have read about, he's the person to ask!  

Some new threads for you to read!
Please keep in mind that although we all love Events, open threads are the bread and butter of any forum like this.  Don't be afraid to toss your character out there to meet someone new!  And if you see an open thread, don't leave it without reply!  

FEAR: Liz and Redjack go to meet the Dockwitch, and see what sort of bargain they can strike for Valentine's life.   However, in another thread, we get a glimpse of events immediately prior to their arrival at the Blue Shark Pub.

This thread is linked at Mum's request, as she's proud of how much Plot she managed to allude to.  I have to say, I do think it's interesting reading.

JOY: An Older thread, but this sweet plotline between Wilkie and Livi has been getting a lot of attention for it's charming writing and certain elements of...forewshadowing?  Once in a while, a sweet and silly plot like this one helps to break up all the Doom a little. .

CONSPIRACY: Those following the Sorcery plot will remember that Margaret Garnier has been enlisted by Lily Clarke to help her bring Valentine back.   In this thread, Margaret goes to see a certain...associate of hers for advice and help.  This thread is being featured for it's introduction of a new, amusing NPC, and even more amusing writing.

At request of various players, there is now to be a chat on one day, every single week. One chat days, the Irc room will likely be open all the day, and there will be an aim room as well.  For now, that's Thursday, although a chat will likely be hosted on Friday as well.  Be sure to show up!  

Just a reminder, for those of you who haven't yet managed to get onto IRC.  There is a room for Vic chatting, on 'uk.quakenet.org', It's on channel '#vicchat'.
Here it is a simple irc client for windows. http://www.mirc.com/
Here is an irc client for macs. http://colloquy.info/
Also, trillian, for those players that use it, handles IRC perfectly well.  Just ask a trillian user to explain things to you!  If you turn on the irc plugin, it shoud have spaces for all the relevant information.  

(Police Gazette)

Superintendent Williams has appointed Inspector Collins to investigate the series of mechanical accidents that have occured at Euston Square. The tally of deaths has now reached five, and grave concerns have been raised over the safety of the remaining railway workers as they struggle to provide necessary repairs.

(Inflammatory pamphlets stuffed into copies of the East India News & Report)
The BLUE SHARK last night was the scene of a DISGUSTING and MONSTROUS murder, where Jasper Wilton, an apparently innocent sailor, was found in his bed, EATEN ALIVE! Minutes before, the monster, which witnesses said looked like a FIEND from Hell in the DECEITFUL form of a WOMAN, entered the building, causing all within to FLEE in TERROR. Finding Jasper ASLEEP in his bed, she STRIPPED him of his clothes and committed VILE DEBAUCHERIES upon his flesh, in keeping with her FOUL SAVAGE nature. Having slaked her UNHOLY lusts upon her victim, she TORE him open and FEASTED upon his ENTRAILS. in a manner befitting her origin of the very DEPTHS OF HELL itself. Close your ears to the LIES of the EIC. They brought this FIEND to us. They have taken charge to CONCEAL the origin of the DEMON - the hills of darkest INDIA, where it was CAPTURED and brought to ENGLAND as a CURIO.

(The Wax Hand)
All ladies, children, and those of weak stomach, turn your eyes to the next page, where you will find a lively account of the coming attractions brought by the upcoming Circus.
Those whose eyes can bear it, read on. Our contacts at Scotland Yard have yet to inform us as to why the East India Company has been granted jurisdiction over a murder that took place late last night. Indeed, Metropolitan Police Inspectors have been barred from the horrific scene on more than one occasion. From what little we have been able to learn, it would appear that shortly before closing time, when those within had plumbed the deepest levels of inebriation, everyone in the pub exited the premises for reasons unknown. Witnesses reported a confused series of details that together serve to indicate that someone - or something - entered. The victim was Jasper Wilson, a seaman on leave who leaves a young wife in Portsmouth. Also whispered are hints that whomever committed the foul deed was was heavily disguised, presumably in order to ensure that he would not be recognised. And who could wonder, as we have received anonymous reports that the walls of his room were left smeared with gore, and his body in a state not only disgraceful but morbidly perverse. More worrying than the unspeakable brutality of the crime is that apparently, a large portion of his organs are absent, having been removed from the scene by his bloodthirsty unknown attacker. Mr Wilson, mercifully, must have died of his injuries almost immediately.
Reports have been dubious as to the identity of the vile culprit. Whether this crime, too was committed by the dread 'Longshoreman' that terrorised Whitechapel, or some darker fiend is not yet known, but be assured, dear readers, that you shall know all our reporters are able to discover.

(Found in the pages of The Times)

Ladies and Gentleman, see SIGHTS of DARING and AMAZEMENT!
Not for the FAINT OF HEART!
Come see the ASTOUNDING Hercules O'halloran as he engages in FEATS OF STRENGTH never before seen on the English Stage!
MARVEL to see Keanna MacGregor and her horse Macha as they DANCE TO THE STRAINS OF MUSIC, capering GRACEFULLY around the ring.
And THRILL as Archibald Horton displays his unearthly skill with a THROWN KNIFE, striking the smallest of targets EFFORTLESSLY.

(This week provided by one Lily Clarke, taken down by a solicitor in the Horn of Plenty)

Some of you may doubt that a girl in a 'fallen' state has a heart that can feel joy and sorrow in great measures.  But I can tell you, even a state of fallenness has no bearing on what a human heart can feel!  As much happiness, and as much agony in emotion, sometimes even in equal parts, and together, can torture the poor heart of any woman, who, as the delicate creatures that we are, are more prone than anyone to extremities of feeling.  In fact, many girls I know that share my state of misfortune have the tenderest feelings and dearest tears, and gayest laughter of any I have ever known.  It is no life of constant sorrow, but nor does the heart rest easy, and both mirth and tears come easily enough, though the minds of men, so strong and untouch'd by the winds that blow a woman's heart as they can be, may scorn at such tender creatures, and the storms that ride us.
So remember, you fellows, that even though a thing may seem fond and trifling to you, your gentle mistress may not find it so.  Be patient with her, be kind, remember she has none of your strength and fortitude, and thus no defense against the rough sallys of emotion that make her cling to you, her stalwart and her Lord, her small diety, in desperation.  Remember that it is for her fondness and silly ways of laughing and crying that you love her as our Lord loves us all, even though we all seem silly creatures, and every one of us sinners, too.