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The Victorious

Horror and Rapture in the City on the Thames

The Victorious Community
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Want to learn about the world of the Victorious? You can, right here: http://victorious.pbwiki.com/

La Desse had this to say, and said it better than I ever could:

"If you avidly read things like Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and From Hell by Alan Moore, if you have your own theory about who Spring-Heeled Jack really was, if you'd like to be treated by Dr Gull or Dr Jekyll, if you holiday at Whitby and leave your windows open all night on purpose, if you carry a London in your head that isn't London as it actually ever was but London as it could have been and was believed to be and perhaps should have been but then again perhaps not, then you may very well enjoy my friend's forum-based RPG The Victorious. (...) Should be jolly interesting."

An Exerpt from the The Manifesto:

"History has changed, but the Age is the same. Still that delicate balance of base crime and high moral attitudes, still that constant tug between charity and condescension. We see the dichotomy of an age of maudlin sentimentality set against an unprecedented love of horror and the horrific - and of course, that two-way mirror of propriety and perversion. In the latter years of Queen Victoria's reign, the Empire is larger and more influential than ever. (.....) Victoria is the living embodiment of her realm, and we play in London not just as it was but as we remember it now - slightly skewed (and blurred, and sometimes sharpened) thorough the glass of memory, history, and Fiction

But forget all that. At the heart, this mad project of ours is really about people. Just ordinary people, going about their lives without ever realising how mad and how dangerous the world surrounding them can be. (......) We have built a world and now set it here for you to walk about in."